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Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Google Feud! SkyVSGaming is playing Google Feud with LogDotZip this time around, and they start with the Culture category! The first option is “Lady Gaga’s ___” and Tyler guesses meat suit. That’s wrong, and so is hair, and so is “Lady Gaga’s tatas.” Next they have to fill out “Donald ___” and correctly guess Trump, but fail everything else. They choose the Questions category next, which starts with “Why are the French so ___”. They get everything wrong because they’re not mean enough to wonder about the French populace’s general temperament and sexuality. Sky chooses People next, and they start with “My friend is addicted to ___” for which Sky gets his first guess, weed. Beyond that, they get nothing right. They return to Culture, with “Cheat codes for NES ___,” and it’s finally a question they can answer, getting Zelda, Mario, and Metroid before running out of guesses. “Why do people ___” is next, and, surprisingly, they get nothing. Next is “Nickelback is ___” and Tyler wants to guess “the cancer to this world and they should perish,” but Sky vetoes that. He goes with “bad” and gets a two-for, then they get “good” and “gay.” Sky ruins all chances of finishing “Lawrence ___” when he guesses all variations of “Fishburne,” then they move on to “Has a person ever been ___”. Tyler guesses “born with three dicks,” but alas, he’s the only one wondering about that. They get nothing. They switch to People and get “I hate the taste of ___” for which Sky guesses “broccoli,” and is wrong. Milk is among the answers, and it prompts a conversation about cow udders and the first guy to utilize them. That’s it for this Google Feud – thanks for watching, and we’ll see you next time!

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