Hello friends! Here is our full stream from this week (5/18)! Stream starts at 0:07!

This week we’re playing Google Feud, a trivia game where we have to guess what is most commonly searched on Google. Will we be able to figure out what strange things people ask the internet?

Catch us live every Tuesday at 5PM EST 🙂

0:00 Stream Starting Soon
0:07 Intro
1:55 Audio Cuts Out Sorry!
2:00 Audio Back!
7:50 Game Play Starts!
8:17 Culture~ Round
17:23 People~ Round
28:30 Names~ Round
40:12 Questions~ Round
51:24 Culture Round Remixed
1:02:19 People Round Remixed
1:07:47 The Final Round
1:15:23 Outro