i should call her…

00:00:00 nl nevers leaves people on read
00:01:58 the laundry frequency debacle
00:08:08 Peepo Island
00:08:18 the most realistic male phyisque
00:10:16 nl is fluent in Korean
00:11:55 nl becomes a tenethead
00:13:52 k8 attacks nl
00:17:33 the Gray Man is a great movie enhancer
00:21:43 Sesame Street celebrity song tier list
00:24:33 the Elmo Rocco feud
00:25:46 Pokemon is a psychotic anime
00:31:16 k8’s dad has to go to the hospital
00:35:17 the Hippocratic Oath loophole
00:36:25 humans are so combative
00:41:47 the leg rot
00:46:22 the Voros twins
00:48:12 nl on TikTok and Reels
00:50:25 straight Vancouver posting
00:55:49 nl’s BC day
00:57:42 nl experiences playground rage
01:08:15 nl on lying to kids
01:10:42 Super Auto Pets
01:10:52 nl had the Dahmer vibe before it was cool
01:11:13 the peach meme
01:11:54 the bear
01:13:32 nl loves cool tech
01:15:38 the Pokemon cookbook tweet
01:18:43 the Queen’s Gambit 2
01:20:05 Fall Guys
01:20:15 nl sees a Twitch chatter irl
01:21:39 the Tommy Bahama shirt is for easy livin’
01:22:41 he is become jokaire
01:23:36 nl’s standup comedy dream
01:25:41 nl is a Subway addict
01:31:28 insane fall guys run
01:34:41 reading r/subway
01:43:01 nl’s subway order
01:44:37 reading more r/subway
Stream date: 08-02-2022
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