Join me and my Friends for #Projectsof23challenge
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Want another take on a project you saw or need a tutorial for a project?
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Credit the original video and if I make the project send it to you.

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Feud Rules:
1. Anyone can play.
2. All answers must be given prior to the stop. Answers after the stop will not be counted.
3. Answers will be scored based on ranking.
If it is the top answer player receives 5 points
Second top answer player receives 4 point
Third top answer player receives 3 points
Fourth top answer Player receives 2 points
Fifth top answer player receives 1 point
4. Answers 1-4 will be ranked with any additional answers being awarded 1 point..
5. Each player is their own team.
6. No googling allowed.
7. Only the answers that appear on the game card will be accepted. You cannot argue about the answer if you Google it and find something different.
8. Weekly prizes as well as monthly prizes will be awarded.
9. You must be subscribed to my channel, have no outstanding orders unpaid and provide me with shipping information.
10. Game is open to everyone but only those in the continental United States are eligible for prizes.