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Hello guys im silver, i come from 200 years from the future!

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Silver the hedgehog is a character from the sonic the hedgehog franchise along side characters such as shadow the hedgehog, knuckles the echidna, tails the fox, metal , blaze the cat, E-123 Omega, Jet the Hawk, Movie Sonic Infinite the jackal, Mehilis the Dark, Fleetway Sonic and many more and is in no official affiliation with SEGA and this channel id for entertainment purposes.

Other characters may interact with but are not official are sonica, shadina, silvia or female silver, sonic.exe, shadow.exe, silver.exe, and more!

Along with Bendy, Among Us, FNAF, FNF, Baldi and many more
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✪ Channel art by code trilogy
✪ Silver emotes by Freggie