Hey guys, welcome back to another SkyVsGaming video! Today Sky is playing Google Feud, a game where you have to guess Google’s autocomplete! First, Sky must complete the query “Is my cat___” so he guesses obese, fat, and lazy, which are all wrong (people are more interested in cat pregnancies than cat obesity). Sky can’t guess anything for “Should I go to ___” other than “bed,” and the answers mostly revolve around medical emergencies – tip, if you’re bleeding out, don’t ask Google if you need to go to the hospital. If you need to ask, you probably need to go. Sky tries to answer “Can I eat my ___” with “poop,” but alas, he is the only one wondering that. Mostly people want to know if they can eat their sperm and other bodily secretions. Oh and their pets – gotta know if it’s okay to eat your pets. Sky can’t figure out what the completion of “Do astronauts ___” could be, but he’s pretty tickled to learn that they’re “get sick” and “get paid” and “have internet” and “smoke weed”. Sky does slightly better with “My feet smell like” (in that he gets one thing right). Sky guesses “wedding” for “Can I perform my own ___,” which is the top answer (but only after he’s guessed “funeral,” which is wrong), and he follows it up with “exorcism,” which, I’m surprised to learn, is also wrong. He must also face the query “Why are cats ___” for which he guesses “lazy” (correct), then “better then dogs” (which would be correct if he could properly spell “than”). Sky calls RedVacktor in to help out with his cat problem, and Red guesses “so mean,” which is, in fact, two of the answers. That’s it for this episode of Google Feud – thanks for watching, and we’ll see you next time!

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