Me, Janie and YOU! Playing some good old GeoGuessr and Google Feud! Join us for this awesome EPIC 2 hour crazy stream! ;D
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Today me and Janie (my girlfriend otherwise known as beanie ;D) will be playing some Google Feud to start off! Which is like family feud (which if you don’t know is a TV show hosted by Steve Harvey about putting two family against each other answering questions that have been ask to hundreds of other people! So the answers get kind of crazy haha.) but instead of families and hundreds of people being surveyed for answers, the game uses google auto complete suggestions! You have to guess the top five answers! Whoever gets the most points WINS! Then in our second section of today’s stream! We will be playing some GeoGuessr! In GeoGuessr you get placed down randomly in the world using Google Maps Street View and you have to figure out where you are based on the information around you! The person closest to the actually point where you were first placed down gets the most points! And the person with the most points at the end of the game (which is 5 guesses) WINS! You will be able to join us during the GeoGuessr section, so be sure to watch the chat for the game link! This is going to be a great 2 hours, join us! ;D

• GeoGuessr
• Google Feud

• No spamming.
• No racism.
• Keep cursing to a minimum.
• Don’t ask for me to play a different game while I’m streaming (feel free to request a game in the VOD comments after the stream!)
• And please be respectful!
Mods are watching ;D

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