Daily Twitch Fails and Highlights for 28 May 2022
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0:00 xQc: HUH
0:27 Amouranth: erobb sticks the landing
0:42 Kemonds: Google Feud with the most yikes top answer
1:02 MOONMOON: MoonMoon vs Missing Link
1:43 fanfan: Shocking the whole crowd
2:04 forsen: Forsen speedruns pubg
2:29 loltyler1: Sanest Tyler1 viewer
3:02 MOONMOON: Bald gamer waits for his prey
3:39 LIRIK: Lirik beta testing
4:14 EsfandTV: eddie murphy streams
4:31 MOONMOON: Moon is a big guy….for you
4:40 CookSux: Yuggies hidden talent
5:05 CookSux: You guys on a date CookSux
5:37 CookSux: Cook left hanging
6:00 forsen: Baj stuntmen
6:20 xQc: forsen demolishes xqc in cash royale
6:36 Zoil: Zoil gets too immersed
6:53 Atrioc: wait what
7:22 xQc: xQcs best AWP kill in CSGO
7:38 alte:
7:47 RelicKris: erobb with another L
8:17 xQc: the timing…

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