Welcome to MANDATORY MUGGLE STUDIES. Headmistress McGonagall wants to undo the harm caused by the Carrows last school year and has therefore decided that every student, no matter year nor NEWTs courses must addend muggle studies.
8th year is going to be somewhat similar to our old detentions with Dumbledore, as it was a format that suited our scheadules and was fun to film. There will, however, also be more to the series than just muggles challenges and gay panicTM. We have an underlying story in mind as well (besides the Drarry plot), which you will get to explore in the interactions between various challenges. Do remember that these characters have experienced a lot during their sixth, seventh and gap year, which make their reactions and reflections slightly different from who we played them as during their sixth year (DwD). Hope you will enjoy this new ride!
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Robin – Sirius & Harry & Vicky

Mattias – Peter & Draco (& Carl)

Johanna – Neville

Cim – Pansy